‘In the Heights’ is more than a side-dish (****)

The first time I saw In The Heights in April, I happily reviewed it for the student newspaper of my university. It’s now time to consolidate my portfolio and thus I revisit this review. In The Heights remains a wonderful show and is tantalisingly accessible with discounted tickets for under 25’s.

It is a show that remains enjoyable even when you’ve begun to lose count on how many times you’ve seen it. Although it is slightly overshadowed by it’s younger sibling Hamilton, In The Heights should not be seen simply as a side dish to the other work of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

It stands entirely on its own in every sense, with a catchy score and a far more relatable plot than the revolutionary behemoth. (The struggle of living in an increasingly expensive and gentrified city is potentially more relatable than the problems of being the first treasury secretary.)

With the end of the run approaching in early January, ensure you make the effort to see In The Heights at the King’s Cross Theatre.

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